All the requirements of your specifications are factored in as soon as the process is developed and after each production. These controls are done under EN ISO regulations with specific material that is calibrated each year. Our staff is trained continuously to ensure proper command of these regulations.


We have seven autoclaves with different capacities or with adjustable volumes at our disposal. This way we can dye in constant liquor ratios to guarantee a good reproducibility. Through high temperature draining and the recycling of cooling waters we enhance our water and energy consumption.


Using from one to four of our jets we are able to dye, in good liquor ratios, from 100 to 800 kilos of textiles. Validating industrial series can be done initially on our 10 kilos bay-jet. These dyes can be done on textiles of 120 to 300 centimeters width.


We have 11 jiggers at our disposal. Two 130ºC jiggers, two 110ºC jiggers and seven 90ºC jiggers. Thanks to this equipment we can dye all compositions with widths going from 120 to 230 centimeters.


Our three Overflows with two or four canals allow for the dying, in good liquor ratios, of 100 to 600 kilos of textiles.


Coating requires experience and technical Know-how. Our machinists have the required knowledge for developing the chemical formula and applying the coating. Our double-headed line allows for reactivity and consistency that guarantees the best service.


With both of our 7 compartments Stenters we can dry, heat-seal, crosslink or coat 100,000 meters of textiles per day. The acceptable width goes from 120 to 240 centimeters. For each and every quality, the feed, speed, temperature, width and removal settings are programmed and saved.


Our two latest generation calendering machines enable a coating that will bring the expected performances in means of air and fluids permeability. Continuous control of temperatures, pressure and speed ensures perfect regularity.


All textiles treated by TSJ are inspected before shipping. The expertise and training of the eight staff members of this service is nowadays completed by an inspection camera equipment for our most technical products.

The diversity of our equipment ensures quality and hight technical standard. With the performances provided being checked by the laboratory.